The best types of books for your baby: From birth to six months

The best types of books for your baby: From birth to six months

The best types of books for your baby: From birth to six months

One of the healthiest habits we can nurture in our children from birth is READING. While it’s extremely important to read to your child everyday, it’s equally important to know “What” to read to your child depending on their age.

Babies go through different cognitive and physical milestones during the first year, therefore it’s necessary to choose age-appropriate books that will challenge your child and allow their logical thinking, imagination, literacy, emotional intelligence, communication skills to grow. 


From Birth to 6 months

A newborn’s vision is still developing during the first 3 months after birth, at this stage their eyesight is still very weak which makes high-contrast pictures excellent to grab their attention. According to the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology, here are the different stages of vision development your baby will typically go through throughout the first year. 

Birth to 1 month:

- Baby sees black and white (and shades of grey)

- Eyes have trouble focusing 

- Eyes are sensitive to light

- 1 week after birth they can see color 

- Can see approximately 25cm away 


2 to 3 months: 

- Baby can follow objects moving “tracking” 

- Recognizes familiar faces 

- Remembers what they see 


4 months: 

- Baby’s vision is clear & can see longer distances 

- They love to look at you 


6 months: 

- They see colors just like adults do 


7 months to 12 months: 

- Baby can differentiate distances. eg they can tell whether is an item is close by or far away 

- They learn to coordinate their vision with their body.


To sum it up, you can begin reading books to your baby from as early as day 1. Start with books with little to no text and large, high-contrast pictures because your baby’s vision is still developing! 

Here are some of Lanalou’s book recommendations that you can incorporate in your daily routine with your little one today! All books are available in Egypt at Kidzotic online bookstore. 

  1. Faces: Baby Touch First Focus
  2. Mirror Baby: Hello You! 
  3. Baby Touch: Faces: A Black-and White-book

  4. Baby's Very First Cloth Book: Faces

  5. Baby Touch: Animals Tab Book

  6. Baby Touch: Animals: A Black-and-white Book