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Little hearts uncovering BEAUTY & HERITAGE

"Our children, as tiny as they seem, are a part of something bigger, something greater. Of the many journeys they pursue in their lifetime, we hope that the greatness of the Holy Land evokes certain feelings within them. We pray that they understand the grace, the fire and the revolutionary heart that is Palestine. This is from our heart to theirs."

Storybook Summary: A journey through Palestine; embark on an adventure as a father shares the enchanting tale of a young boy's exploration of six incredible cities in Palestine with his curious daughter. As the father reads from the special book, the pages come alive with vibrant illustrations that transport readers to the heart of this holy land.

Follow the young protagonist as he travels through Palestine, visits ancient landmarks, and discovers the rich history and culture of each city. From the historic streets of Jerusalem to the serene landscapes of Beit Lahm.

The book not only highlights the beauty of Palestine but also emphasizes the significance of cultural preservation and the deep connection between generations.

The heartwarming conclusion reveals that the once-young girl, now a grown woman, is carrying on the tradition. She lovingly reads the same cherished book to her daughter, ensuring that the flame of these captivating stories continues to burn bright. Through this touching narrative, "My Palestine" aims to inspire a sense of pride, cultural appreciation, and a commitment to sharing the rich history of Palestine with generations to come.

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English Storybook

  • 6 cities in Palestine
  • Easy language 
  • Perfect bedtime story



  • Suitable for toddlers, kids & adults!


  • Book size : 20H x 20W
  • Soft cover

About the Book

  • Written & created by Lanalou
  • Illustrated by Noura Mangoud
  • In collaboration with K53 holding & Destination