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About us

Lanalou aims to create products that will benefit children & parents as well. Many parents feel lost or don’t know what they should be doing to help their children grow and benefit the most during the very crucial early years of life. We hope that our products can be the building blocks to maximize your child’s development during every phase.

Our purpose is to give children of all ages a chance to always cultivate their strengths by offering them multi-purpose tools for a successful and value-driven learning experience. We aim to create an ecosystem where children of all ages can think, learn, understand themselves and the world, and, of course, play.

We envision Lanalou developing into a hub for children necessities as well as education. We are aware that this goal takes a lot of time and effort to come to light; nonetheless, that’s what we strive to achieve -to simply make your parenting experience and your child’s needs an educational, fun experience that's easy to attain.

But as with anyone and anything,
it all starts with baby steps.

At Lanalou We Believe That:

Learning starts from day one

Positive and mindful parenting forms well-rounded children

Babies are much smarter than we think

There is more to a child than academic success

Early Education develops the foundation for children to become curious, creative and lifelong learners

Each child has different interests and personalities and we must appreciate and accommodate all

Play is the most powerful tool for learning

Parents and caregivers naturally want to do and be better, all they need is the knowledge and tools