A word from the Lanalou family

A word from the Lanalou family

A word from the Lanalou family

Hey again everyone! To reintroduce ourselves, we are Lanalou, a small team of mission-driven people who are devoted to building a leading brand for families in Egypt, and a group of doers, committed to doing the best for parents and their children. It’s been a little over a year since our official launch, and every day we strive to develop fast, take risks and build an online family. We’ve been focusing on advocating for a shift in mindset towards the importance of early education & play, on empowering parents with knowledge, and becoming a reliable & trusted resource for all things children related. 

We have been pleasantly surprised to see that parents from all over the country have been reaching out for support and have put their trust in our products. 

Our goal is to develop an exciting and holistic brand by always creating high quality products that your little ones will interact and learn from throughout the day. 

Babies are born with an innate learning mechanism, and are given one simple task: go  and figure out the world. And that’s exactly what they do. With every sound, movement, smell, face & interaction, a baby’s brain is absorbing new bits of information and creating new connections. Exposing our little ones from a very young age to as many faces, languages, tastes, smells, colors, emotions and experiences will allow them to cultivate their innate potential, from DAY ONE.

As we’ve mentioned many times before, our core purpose is to nurture every child’s MIND, BODY & SOUL. And we strive to tackle these 3 aspects of our core purpose.

Today, after 8 months of cooking and stewing, we are proud to launch TRUE by Lanalou to nurture your little one’s BODY, and you.