Spinning Bookshelves

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Let your child pick for themselves! Our unique spinning bookshelf grabs kids’ attention and inspires them to read.


Our 360-degree Spinning Bookshelf height is perfect for children to encourage their independence and give them the freedom to choose and get the books they want easily without any assistance.

The bookcase is compact to fit right into small rooms but big enough to hold up to 200 books whether they’re arranged spine out, covers facing out, upright or lying on the side!

This practical and modern bookcase comes in 3 different colors to fit the mood of any room it’s placed in.

This product is only shipped to Greater Cairo and shipping is calculated based on location.


  • Crafted from wood
  • Height is within the reach of children
  • High quality water-based and child-safe varnish is applied to ensure durability, richness, style and depth of color
  • Durable, made to last your child through different stages of life
  • Smooth revolving
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Available in 3 different neutral colors
  • Shipped assembled


  • Height: 104cm
  • Width: 35 - 40cm
  • Base Width: 60cm
  • Depth: 35 - 40cm


  • Use your preferred wood cleaner detergent.
    • Kindly use a damp cloth, and never a wet one. Don’t saturate the wood, and rinse your cloth often.
  • Make sure you finish off with a completely clean and dry cloth to remove any excess dampness.
  • Don’t use denatured alcohol as it might affect the paint.

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