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Because we know that the best way to learn is through play, our special Starter Set is designed to offer you 5 trilingual card decks introducing 9 topics that help your child explore the world around them and develop their innate learning abilities from as early as 6 months. The starter set is constructed to make learning the very first words a fun educational experience that promotes memory, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, all while strengthening parent-child interaction.


5 trilingual categories

  • Alphabets & Numbers: 36 cards
  • Fruits & Vegetables: 36 cards
  • Emotions & Family: 39 cards
  • Shapes & Colors: 36 cards
  • Animals: 40 cards



  • 6 months  to 5+ years 


  • Set box size: 19.5H x 11.5W x 9.5D cm
  • Category box size: 14.2H x 9.3W x 1.4D cm
  • Card size: 14H x 9W cm | Card weight: 350g



  • Paper material 
  • Round edges
  • Splash resistant
  • Bendable
  • Unique, detailed and realistic illustrations
  • Large and clear font


  • Colorful and modern design
  • Large, sturdy box that fits all 5 categories
  • Each category comes in its own pack to keep everything neat and organized

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