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Embrace the Spirit of Ramadan with This Delightful Bundle!

This enchanting bundle offers the perfect blend of storytelling and learning, providing a joyful and fulfilling experience for young minds during the holy month of Ramadan.

Embark on a Moonlit Adventure:
  • Chasing the Crescent Moon: Join Othman and Hussein on their rooftop quest under the starry sky, searching for the first sign of Ramadan. This heartwarming tale captures the magic and excitement of the crescent moon sighting.

Explore the Wonders of Creation:
  • Every Creature Counts: Accompany Rayan and Lana as they discover the fascinating world of animals mentioned in the Quran. Through captivating stories, learn valuable lessons about cooperation, resilience, and faith, appreciating the beauty and diversity of life.

Build a Foundation of Faith:
  • Let's Learn Islam: Introduce your child to the fundamentals of Islam with this engaging box set. Each book in this colorful collection features simple language and playful illustrations, making learning about prophets, the five pillars, and Ramadan traditions fun and accessible.

This Ramadan Bundle:
  • Offers heartwarming stories and engaging activities.
  • Nurtures faith and strengthens understanding of Islamic values.
  • Inspires curiosity and encourages exploration of the natural world.
  • Creates lasting memories and fosters a love for learning.