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Our Emotions & Family flashcards deck is specifically designed to teach your little one how to identify & recognize their emotions and people around them. This bilingual deck includes 12 cards with intricately illustrated facial expressions and precise words that will help your baby, from as young as 6 months, express and understand emotions they feel and see around them. In addition to 27 cards featuring various family members and the names associated with them to ensure your toddler is able to identify everyone around them no matter how big, small or diverse your family is.

Lanalou flashcards are constructed to make learning the very first words a fun educational experience that promotes memory, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, all while strengthening parent-child interaction.


39 bilingual cards

  • Emotions: 12 cards
  • Family: 27 cards



  • 6 months to 5+ years 


  • Box size: 14.2H x 9.3W x 1.4D cm
  • Card size: 14H x 9W cm | Card weight: 350g



  • Paper material 
  • Round edges
  • Splash resistant
  • Bendable
  • Unique, detailed and realistic illustrations
  • Large and clear font


  • Colorful and modern design
  • The cards come in their own pack to keep everything neat and organized