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Introducing our All Things Arabic Bundle! This thoughtfully crafted collection combines two enriching products to provide a comprehensive learning experience for your child.

 1: Arabic Starter Set

Unlock the beauty of the Arabic language with our Arabic Starter Set. Designed to make learning a playful adventure, this set includes 5 bilingual card decks featuring 9 exciting topics. From as early as 6 months, your child will explore the world around them while developing essential learning abilities. With a focus on promoting memory, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills, our Starter Set creates a fun and educational environment that strengthens the bond between parent and child.

 2: Let's Learn Islam

Immerse your child in the rich culture and traditions of Islam with our Let's Learn Islam box set. Tailored specifically for toddlers, this captivating collection of three books takes them on a journey of discovery. From learning about the inspiring stories of the Prophets to understanding the significance of the 5 pillars of Islam, and exploring Ramadan-themed words in the Arabic Alphabet, your child will gain a foundational understanding of Islam while nurturing their imagination and language skills.

With our All Thing Arabic Bundle, your child will embark on a dual exploration of language and faith. They will not only develop their linguistic abilities by learning Arabic, but also gain a deep understanding of Islam. This bundle is designed to foster a love for language, promote cognitive development, and strengthen the parent-child bond through interactive and educational experiences.