How Lanalou Came to Be: My overwhelming, beautiful experience as a first-time mom

How Lanalou Came to Be: My overwhelming, beautiful experience as a first-time mom

How Lanalou Came to Be: My overwhelming, beautiful experience as a first-time mom

As a first-time mother, I was very overwhelmed with all the knowledge I was reading about parenting and child development. One wants to assume that all parents want the absolute best for their children which lead me to think, what does “best” even mean? 

How will I know if what I’m doing is enough? Where or how do I even begin? 

During my pregnancy, I began reading many parenting books. One book that really stood out was a book called “Kindergarten Is too Late” by Masaru Ibuka, co-founder of Sony. He argued that the most effective learning years are from 0 to 3, contrary to what I’ve been raised to believe, and proposed an innovative yet simple approach in raising infants and assisting them in character formation. This book birthed in me a thirst for childrearing and children’s development. I began creating age relevant flashcards and prints to encourage my daughter’s cognitive development and overall growth. With each phase, I would buy digital files and print the cards. This sparked the idea of creating a brand that offers products that encourage positive learning, playing and parent-child interaction.

That’s how Lanalou came to life. After having Lana, all our energy and focus shifted to her. She became the driving force behind everything we do, and, for that reason, and not a lack of creativity! we decided to call our brand Lanalou. A reminder to always strive to do what is best for all our children. Everyday, I would place a small amount of cards in front of my daughter to see how she will react, which ones she will be more drawn towards, how she attempts to hold them, and so on. Books are and will always be a great medium, however, I found that at such a young age, cards were much easier for her to handle, hold and explore with. I really feel like it helped her communicate with me and express herself without needing to use words. 

Our purpose is to give children of all ages a chance to always cultivate their strengths by offering them multi-purpose tools for a successful and value-driven learning experience. We aim to create an ecosystem where children of all ages can think, learn, understand themselves and the world, and, of course, play.

Lanalou aims to create products that will benefit children & parents as well. Many parents, such as myself, feel lost or don’t know what they should be doing to help their children grow and benefit the most during these very crucial early years of life. We hope that our products can be the building blocks to maximize your child’s development during every phase. 

We envision Lanalou developing into a hub for children necessities as well as education. We are aware that this goal takes a lot of time and effort to come to light; nonetheless, that’s what we strive to achieve -to simply make your parenting experience and your child’s needs an educational, fun experience that's easier to attain.