Every Creature Counts | Children Ramadan Storybook

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Lana & Rayan Explore animals mentioned in the Quran

Storybook Summary: Join Rayan on a delightful journey of discovery as he explores the fascinating world of animals mentioned in the Quran with his sister Lana! From the hardworking ant to the majestic camel, each creature whispers a unique tale, filled with valuable lessons about cooperation, resilience, and faith. With each step, Rayan grows closer to understanding the wonders of Allah's creation and the importance of every living thing, big or small.

Every Creature Counts is a delightful exploration that will:

  • Spark children's curiosity about the natural world and the wonders of Allah's creation.
  • Teach valuable lessons about cooperation, resilience, and faith through heartwarming animal stories.
  • Foster a love for learning and appreciation for the diversity of life on Earth.

Perfect for young readers curious about the world around them, this captivating book is a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration.


English Storybook

  • Easy language 
  • Perfect bedtime story



  • Suitable for toddlers, kids & adults!


  • Book size : 20H x 20W
  • Soft cover

About the Book

  • Written & created by Lanalou